BioWare is a Canadian development studio of Electronic Arts. It is really popular for its hugely renowned games such as the Mass Effect Series and Baldur’s Gate. At present, there are three studios of BioWare: BioWare Austin, BioWare Montreal and BioWare Edmonton. The owner of the BioWare studio has received numerous awards, such as Spike TV’s 2010 Video Game Awards.

The Popular Development Studio

The BioWare development studio is one of the applauded developers in the modern world. It was established in 1995 by skilled developers, including Augustine Yip, Ray Muzyka, and Greg Zeschuk. Two of these developers have completed their degree from the University of Alberta. Zeschuk has completed his MBA at the prestigious school of business.

BioWare is renowned for numerous games such as Neverwinter Nights and Baldur’s Gate. Initially, the corporation created games especially for the PC Platform but later, the company launched games Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. It was one of the first games that BioWare released for Microsoft consoles. Later, the company released other popular games, such as Mass Effect and Jade Empire. In 2005, the BioWare Company combined with Pandemic Studios.

The Gigantic Electronic Arts took over the BioWare and Pandemic just after the launch of Mass Effect. The Dragon Age is the first launch with Electronic Arts in 2009.  Just after a couple of months, the company launched the reward-winning Mass Effect 2. It has received multiple awards and got huge popularity among players. The company later declared that they would start a new customer support at Ireland.

From 2011 to 2012, the BioWare Studios completed three games. After the launch of the Mass Effect 3 in 2012, most of the players were not happy and criticized about the ending of the trilogy. After hearing this complaint, the BioWare broadcasted that they would reschedule their content and launch an Extended Cut that could fulfill the demands of the players regarding the conclusion of the tri-series. This part of the series was released on June 26.

After the debate was settled, the Forbes wrote that taking action on the players’ criticism is a great step towards creating a healthy relation between developers and clients. The response of developers to gamers’ criticism has made gamers realize their importance.

In 2012, the developers launched the third Dragon Age. The next day, the developers, Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka, declared that they retire from the gaming industry. After one year, the Electronic Arts selected Matthew Bromberg as the group general manager.

In 2013, the Walt Disney Company declared that Electronic Arts will start Star Wars games along with the BioWare team. After a couple of months, the studio launched the teaser images from the next Mass Effect Series. The maker of the Mass Effect Series, Casey Hudson left BioWare in 2014.


The BioWare development studio is one of the most much-admired studios among players. It has released numerous high-quality and entertaining games for the players all over the globe. BioWare has developed in-house video game engines to work as a technical foundation for their games.

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