Bungie is a video game developer from Bellevue, United States. The Company was founded in 1991 by an undergraduate student Alex Seropian. Later, he joined a programmer, Jason Jones and launched Minotaur: The Labyrinths of Crete.

Bungie: Creator of the Amazing Next Generation Games

Alex Seropian and Jason Jones released their first game called Gnop. The game became highly popular among Mac gamers, since it was free and has user-friendly interface. Later, the developers created, Operation: Desert Storm, which is a game written and packaged by Alex himself. He took financial aid from his family and friends.

In 1993, the two developers founded the new game, “Pathways into darkness.” In this game, you are a member of a US Army Special Force team and on a mission to stop the godlike person to take over the world and destroy it.

In 1994, the Bungie Company launched their next part to the Pathways to darkness, which is a science fiction themed game, known as Marathon. This game was a milestone for Bungie, as well as for Macintosh.

After the great success of the Marathon, Bungie realized that there should be a sequel to this game, because of the overwhelming demand of the players. Later, they released the sequel, Marathon 2: Durandal, which once again became a super hit.

With the launch of Marathon 2, Bungie appointed more advertising employees, performers, programmers, tech support and expanded around 500% sales increment. The Bungie developers decided to take the leap and launched games for numerous platforms including Mac. In 1996, Company releases the “Marathon Infinity” which has numerous levels, and a bigger area than the previous ones.

The Bungie declared the launch of a Real Time Tactical game in 1996. They also decided to configure a free internet game server, known as Bungie.net to add every aspect a player could desire for. They released the Game Myth: The Fallen Lords in 1997. This series was greatly admired by the players since it described an amazing fantasy world. It was inspired by the novel Black Company by Glen Cook. Bungie’s Halo series is an awesome game series that has attracted lots of attention.

Bungie has changed their name to Bungie, Inc. and at present, they are looking forward to launching various new exciting series of games for the players. Bungie Video Game Developers are quite popular among gamers, because of the high community spirit and for launching the renowned and successful sci-fi video game such as Halo. And, if that was not enough, they have released the biggest next generation games, the Destiny, which has highly innovative FPSMMO.

Bungie employees never disappoint their patrons. When it comes to listening to their community, they are all ears. They never fail to amaze the audience with their high-class releases and skyboxes that are unparalleled. Their mechanics and gun control are faultless.


Bungie is one of the best gaming developers of all time. Their inheritance persists and they never fail to impress. They have launched numerous impressive games such as Halo and Destiny, which illustrate their popularity among players.

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