FromSoftware is a video game developing company that is located in Tokyo, Japan. It was started in 1986 and since then, it has developed a large array of amazing games for players on multiple interfaces such as Nintendo DS, PlayStation, PC, Xbox and mobile phones. FromSoftware is highly applauded among players, as it has successfully created a series of games like Tenchu series, King’s Field, Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls 2, and Otogi.

The Developer of Thrilling Video Games

In 1994, the FromSoftware launched their first game, named King’s Field for PlayStation. Initially, King Field was not launched in North America; however, its sequel was released in 1994. FromSoftware launched three titles of King Field, and then released Echo Night and Shadow Tower later in 1998.

The Shadow Tower game is actually a follow-up of King Field, since it consists of numerous game play conventions. During this period, the FromSoftware Company also released Armored Core, which is the first mech game series.

In 2000, PlayStation was launched, and therefore the FromSoftware Company supported the system with two RPGs Eternal Ring. The Company also launched a pair of sequels to their PlayStation 1 such as Shadow Tower Abyss and King’s Field IV. Because of the huge success of Armored Core series, the focus of the FromSoftware Company turned from RPG’s to mech games. Apart from releasing Armored Core titles, FromSoftware also launched Frame Gride and a few Xbox games Murakumo. Later, the FromSoftware Company launched a series of numerous anime properties under the banner “Another Century’s Episode”.

In 2014, Kadokawa Corporation declared their desire to buy the company from the shareholders. Finally, they did it in after a month. The FromSoftware Company became bigger and transformed into a novel studio in Fukuoka in 2015, which started working from the next year. The studio usually works to develop computer generated imagery assets for the games created by the Tokyo studio.

The FromSoftware Company was also nominated for being rewarded; however, they could not succeed and the award was grabbed by CD Projekt Red. In 2016, FromSoftware announced their intention to work on an amazing Armored Core series. They develop thirteen titles of the Armored Core, which turns out to be the largest Franchise.

In 2009, FromSoftware launched Demon’s Souls, which brought them extraordinary publicity in the western world. The game sent players to the deteriorating kingdom of Boletaria and the primary impressions are damp, mildly colored stone paths. Players appreciated the game and enjoyed a lot.

The latest super hit game created by the FromSoftware is Dark Souls III. It was released on numerous platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows. In this game, layers discovered a dismal land thick with fatal risks and bonfire offered relief and healing opportunities.


FromSoftware is well-known among players because of the amazing series of games they have released till date. Apart from the Armored Core, FromSoftware also created a fantastic series of games like Tenchu and Otogi. FromSoftware has also created Xbox 360 game, King’s Field, Chromehounds, and Enchanted Arms.

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