Nintendo is one of the oldest video game companies of the world. It was started in 1889. Initially, the company created card games, but later they worked on various innovative ventures and eventually started a huge video gaming industry.

Nintendo: One of the Booming Name in the Gaming World

Nintendo was established by Fusajiro Yamauchi in 1889. The word Nintendo means “leave luck to heaven.” In the beginning, the company created Hanafuda handmade cards. They grew so much in reputation that the founder had to employ people to create such cards in abundance in order to match the growing order of the buyers.

Since he didn’t have a child, Fusajiro Yamauchi adopted his son-in-law, Sekiryo Yamauchi and the latter took over his empire. Sekiryo Yamauchi took over as president of the company after the retirement of Yamauchi. Sekiryo started a shared project with another company and changed the company name to Yamauchi Nintendo & Co.

The earliest venture of Nintendo is the creation of the commercial sold video gaming console, called Magnavox Odyssey. However, it never received great popularity among players. The Nintendo made a huge success with the development of arcades. The RadarScope was a great hit in Japan; however, it failed miserably in the United States.

Later, the company redesigned the game and launched it as “Donkey Kong.” It was created by Shigeru Miyamoto and introduced a cute character called Mario in to the world, which later become the cool mascot of the Nintendo Company. With the launch of a series of sequels of this game, Nintendo became a great name all over the world.

In 1983, the Nintendo Company launched their first ever Nintendo Family Computer, also popularly known as FamiCom. The system soon became a household name and lots of people were impressed by it.

After a few years, Nintendo redesigned their system to make it more successful among US players. They launched it with a new name, Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES. The game Super Mario Bros soon became a super-hit among kids and adults in the US. Soon, Nintendo started the third and last generation of 8-bit consoles.

There are numerous impressive features of NES, including the horizontal game pad, which replaced joysticks. Instead of joysticks, there was a gamepad with four buttons, referred to as D Pad.  With the huge popularity of Nintendo products, the company placed strict restrictions for game releases on its system.

Nintendo launched a practice where the developers were told to license their games for the system before they were commercially sold on the market. This means that the games that were released on Nintendo should not be released on any other consoles for at least three years. Moreover, Nintendo prevented the developers from releasing more than five games per year. However, Nintendo was criticized for this practice, and it was therefore stopped in 1990.


Nintendo is a household name in the world of gaming. It is a reputed company that has launched super hit game series and various consoles to entertain players all over the world.

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