Ubisoft is a French video game developer and publisher main office at France. This game developing company was established by five brothers. One of the brothers, Yves Guillemot, acts as the CEO of the company.

There are around 26 studios of the company that are located in more than 18 countries. It is one of the huge companies with more than 7,000 staff members worldwide. It has launched a few of the popular game series for the players including Brothers in Arms, the Sands of Time Series, the Assassin’s Creed Franchise and the Rayman Franchise.

Ubisoft: The Huge and Popular Game Developing Corporation

The Ubisoft Company took over publishing deals with big names in the gaming industry like LucasArts and Electronic Arts. They released their first game, Zombie in 1989. After a few years, the company started to spread their operations in many countries, such as Germany, United States and United Kingdom. In 1995, the Ubisoft Corporation developed Rayman for Sony, Sega and Atari jaguar.

The Ubisoft Corporation has expanded greatly from 1996 to 2000. The company established its offices in Italy, Canada, China, Spain and Morocco. Later, the company merged with bigger and reputed companies such as Blue Byte Software, Red Storm Entertainment and The Learning Company.

When Ubisoft become a great name among players, it launched its personal online gaming portal, ubi.com. Their distribution offices are located in Austria, Canada and South Korea. A few months later, Ubisoft became integrated with MC2 Microids.

In 2006, the Ubisoft studio from Paris created Advanced Warfighter game that received numerous prestigious awards. Soon, the company further expanded its offices in various countries such as Pune (India), Kiev (Ukraine), Sofia (Bulgaria), Toronto (Canada) and Singapore. They also took over Massive Entertainment, Reflections Interactive, Nadeo, Digital Kids and visual effects studio Hybrid Technologies. During this time, the Assassin Creed Franchise was released, which proved to be a huge hit among gamers.

The Ubisoft Company created Ubisoft Motion Pictures in 2011, with the thought of producing and creating films and television series based on their games. However, till now, The Ubisoft Motion Pictures have not yet produced any content.

Ubisoft Corporation has achieved numerous milestones and one was clashing into the US market with the attainment of Red Storm’s Tom Clancy. The corporation took a huge risk, and it gave great profits. At the time, when Xbox was launched, there were hardly any companies who wanted to develop games for the company. Thus, Ubisoft came forward and created Ghost Recon and Halo, which became a super-hit.

One of the bigger obstacles for Ubisoft arose when Electronic Arts or EA bought 20% of Ubisoft’s shares. The EA makers give importance to profit instead of ingenuity, and this troubled the staff of Ubisoft. However, the Ubisoft’s employees did their best during this time and later EA sold their shares later.


At present, Ubisoft is one of the huge and independent game developers in that world and is still garnering applause from players. It is all possible because of the extraordinary planning, faith and implementation from the makers of the company.

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