Almost every true, hardcore gamer knows about Blizzard, the creators of Diablo and World of Warcraft. This innovative company has had a huge hand in molding the video game industry as we know it, and it is apparent the company was born out of passion for developing quality video games.

Blizzard is one of the most well known video game developers in the United States, having put out some of the most popular video games for major consoles and PCs. Blizzard began in 1991 under the name Silicon and Synapse and originally focused on porting games between platforms. In 1993 the company began creating their own games. Some of their earliest games were Rock N’ Roll Racing and the still popular The Lost Vikings. A year after producing their first games, they Silicon and Synapse changed its name to Chaos Studios, Inc. Later in that same year, the company was purchased by Davidson & Associates, and was renamed Blizzard Entertainment.

Soon after the acquisition, Blizzard released what would be their flagship titles. Warcraft: Orcs and Humans is a real time strategy game where players wage war as either Orcs fighting humans, or humans fighting orcs. The game resulted in two sequels, as well as an MMORPG based on the game’s world and lore. Starcraft was very similar to Warcraft, but was science fiction themed. Diablo, another of Blizzard’s most popular releases, has also seen two sequels after its original release. made Blizzard’s game, Diablo, playable online with other players. This made it one of the first real MMORPG’s of the time, and was an instant hit. Were it not for Diablo and, online gaming wouldn’t be what it is today. Diablo and World of Warcraft are two of the most popular titles by Blizzard, though Overwatch, being a newer release, is gaining popularity as well. Diablo and WoW have a longevity that stems from having grown up with the company itself.

Currently, Blizzard is quite focused on the Diablo series and the Warcraft series. They have expanded their platforms to include mobile devices powered by Android, and have released a collectible card game based on Warcraft called Hearthstone for the platform. They are also the company behind Overwatch, the highly successful online FPS. Blizzard brings their fans together with BlizzCon and the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational, two events that brings players together in the real world. Michael Morhaime, Frank Pearce and Allen Adham created the giant that is Blizzard just a year after graduating from UCLA. Each put $10,000 into creating the company. Now, the company is worth millions of dollars.

Final Thoughts on Blizzard

Blizzard was started by three friends who wanted to take part in the video game industry. They ported and developed many of the most popular games players grew to love. Were it not for them, games like World of Warcraft would never have seen the light of day. They created a legacy and this legacy has been providing gamers some of the best videos games on the market.

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