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Many gamers have played the Witcher series of video games, and many either know of or use, a digital video game on demand service. Both come from CD Projekt, a company with a unique history and an admirable vision. The history of this independent gaming giant shows how volatile the industry is, and what it takes to survive as a development company in the western market. CD Projekt S.A. began in 1994 has a video game development company. It was founded by Marcin Iwinski and Michal Kicinski, who were originally video game retailers. They are well known for their popular series of videos games called The Witcher, as well as their digital game distribution company, They started translating video games from the west into Polish, and provided translations for two of the Baldur’s Gate games. While the company was working on the PC port of Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, Interplay ended up canceling the project and CD Projekt used the code they had written to create The Witcher.

After the Witcher hit the market, the company began working on a console version of White Wolf, a Witcher game. However, there were several problems that arose and the company almost went bankrupt. Developing a video game is expensive, and there is so much time and money that needs to be invested, when problems arise it just ends up costing even more money. Companies like Microsoft and Blizzard have an almost endless supply of money compared to CD Projekt, yet CD Projekt has proven that it is capable of developing games that are either equal or greater than the games coming out of the big, corporate video game developers.

They managed to survive and released The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and then The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. They won several awards for the games. The Witcher games are known for their in depth gameplay, vivid graphics and the highly detailed game world based off of the popular works of the same name. CD Projekt was created to make it easier for fans of older games to find games to play. It strives to provide DRM free games and it has grown quite well. Because CD Projekt is so opposed to DRM and wishes that free content will become the standard of the video game industry, they believe that is important to their success that they stay independent. Before CD Projekt began, Poland did not have copyright laws, and so the two who would eventually end up founding CD Projekt began by selling western games at the local marketplace. Friends since high school, the two decided to create a business together and began important games into poland for resale.

Final Thoughts on CD Projekt RED

CD Projekt is a one of a kind company and video game developer. They put passion into their video games, and this passion has turned into a successful business for the company. Their game series, the Witcher, is quite popular in the United States and elsewhere.

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