Rockstar Games

Every gamer knows about the Grand Theft Auto Franchise of video games, which has come a long way since its first release. What began as a top down, 2d game evolved into a 3d, mostly open world game that took almost all of the limitations of an in game world and threw them out the window.

While the game had earned a reputation for its violence and criminal activities that it allowed players to engage in, other games in produced by Rockstar games earned equal attention and fame for many reasons. Those who remember playing Grand Theft Auto on their PCs back in the day likely look back on those days with great nostalgia. Rockstar is known for several great games, however Rockstar Games is perhaps the most well known for Grand Theft Auto and its sequels. They also developed several other hit games, include Red Dead, Manhunt and Max Payne. Rockstar is based in New York City, and was created in 1998 by Take-Two Interactive. Not all of the studios from Take-Two merged with Rockstar.

Founded by Sam and Dan Houser, who are brothers, Terry Donovan and Jamie King, Rockstar Games has sold more than 200 million physical copies of their games, despite some changes in leadership. Terry Donovan, after taking a leave of absence that spanned over four months, left Rockstar in 2007. Gary Dale, who was once a managing director for Capcom, took his place. Grand Theft Auto is arguably the company’s biggest and best selling franchise, with Grand Theft Auto V selling more copies than any other title in the series, making it one of the all time best selling video games. The British Academy Video Games Awards presented Rockstar with the BAFTA Academy Fellowship Award in 2014.

The two founding brothers, Sam and Dan, tend to avoid public attention and instead concentrate on the company. Rockstar has said they they are intentionally not producing first person shooter games. They prefer to be different, and not reproduce the same genres as everyone else. Max Payne is close to an FPS, however according to Rockstar the gameplay is much more involved, the story is more in depth and the setting is more worked out. Rockstar aims to be original. Rockstar has also been heavily involved in charity work as well, and has been a big supporter of Movember.

Final Thoughts on Rockstar Games

Few developers have had the success with such original games as Rockstar has. They prefer to stay mainstream without following all of the trends blindly. Instead of producing the same kinds of games over and over again, with different names, the company develops games that are unique, challenging and entertaining. The company has taken their immersive gaming titles to whole new levels with each release, making gamers happy every time. If there is one thing that Rockstar is good at, it is developing games that aren’t carbon copies of every other game out there on the market, which has helped them to be as successful as they are.

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